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95 Otsego Ave.      San Francisco, CA 94112      (415) 584-6878      KTree@KutchesTree.com


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State Contractor's License # D49-682145      Tree Health Care License # 03331      CA QAL # 38810

Because we are insured, we provide a certificate of insurance and a fully insured PL and PD workers comp certificate

A San Francisco based company since 1976, Kutches Tree Co. offers a wide range of safe and customer friendly tree services.


Not only do we pride ourselves in great customer service, we also consider ourselves a leader in our profession.  With over thirty years of experience and satisfied customers, our company continues to expand only because of our loyal clients as well as new clients.  Once we work for you, no matter what type of service we will provide, you will be proud to show it off to all of your friends and family.  Tree care is a serious matter and we do everything we can to answer and fix all of your concerns.  Our relationship with our employees brings the best out of them and drives them to do their best.


We perform the proper functions for the appropriate seasons.  Proper timing is crucial to the health of your trees.  Early detection can eliminate total tree destruction.  We offer free inspections.  Large and dangerous limb breakage and tree uprooting can be caused by root disease or trees becoming too heavy.