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“Women We Can” is a global platform, bringing visionaries in this digital era to act beyond mere empowerment and evolve as one through catalyzing a socioeconomic development.

“Women We can” is the platform where like-minded women believe that the wind of change spreads through peer-peer solutions and collaboration.



Our mission is to build a digital society where we enable the elevation of the global society’s nucleus – WOMAN – the primary change driver. Women We can team will provide bona fide assistance to those in need to ensure gender equality, access justice, and get emotional support.
Through our platform, we catalyze women’s initiatives to get economically, socially and psychologically empowered.

The Soul Awakening

ZOOM Conference

Everything is energy; everything is alive. Everything is connected, and everything has meaning. Taking it full circle, quantum physics is now proving the truth of this timeless wisdom. With the connectedness of all things, it makes sense that soul awakening emerges from the heart. It's the center of our being, and the loving energy of the heart emanates connectedness. We are all caught together in this fabric of destiny. Our actions affect each one of us, so let these actions be based on LOVE. Amidst the unprecedented challenges, marked with a crack in the social fabric structure, we are happy to introduce our webinar series to bring US TOGETHER around LOVE - Compassion - Abundance. For where your soul is, there you will find your treasure. Join me with a fantastic soul to speak about "The Soul Awakening." Our amazing speaker is Sev Jaunasse. She is a Self Love Expert, Founder Of "In The Heart of Woman," Transformational Life Coach, and Author. Join us on the 23rd of January, 2021 at 2 pm EST on Zoom, and Live-stream on the women_wecan FaceBook page. For Registration, kindly contact us at info@womenwecan.com

January 23 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm in online
Keynote Speakers
We are bringing the most influential women who are shaping a new culture to make the world a better place for our future generations
Dr Denisa Rensen
Age Reversal Expert, Longevity & Lifestyle Boutique Medicine, CEO BlissDesigned™, and Medical Director Stemaid™ Institute
George Salazar
NASA Human-Computer Interface Technical Discipline Lead, and the Displays and Controls Subsystem Manager for the Commercial Crew Program
Rashid Khan
Founder & CEO of Evacovation Pty Ltd, Security & Risk Management Expert, and Lecturer
Adam Ethan Loeb
Adam's Dream Founder, Multiplanetary Education For Kids Advocate, and Writer
Mimi Nicklin
Internationally Best Selling Author, Host of The Empathy For Breakfast Show, and Empathetic Influence Practitioner
Severyna Jaunasse
Self Love Expert, Founder Of "In The Heart of Woman", Feminine & Authentic Teacher, Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Author
Dr Brigitte Hanly
CEO and Chief Scientist of Stemaid™ International, Leading Team of Scientists and CRISPR experts, Founder and President of the non-profit organization Clitoraid
Brenda Ramokopelwa
Vice President TAFFD's, Member of 4IR Committee in South Africa, and Risk Management Expert
Osinakachi Akuma Kalu
Founder & Sec-Gen of TAFFD's, Philosopher, Fearism Award-Winning Author & Speaker, Business Architect, and Strategic Planner
Ramon Rahangmetan
CO-Founder & Secretary of Circle of Sustainable Europe, National Coordinator of The UN World Space Week - The Netherlands, Speaker, and Writer
Geordon Rendle
Inspirational Leader, Global Youth Advocate for YFC Canada, and United Arab Emirates Ministry of Tolerance Advisor
Ali Zubairy
Project Manager at the UAE Ministry of Tolerance, Director Special Projects Charter for Compassion Pakistan and Compassion in Healthcare, Soft skills trainer, and Public Speaker
Dr Suaad Alshamsi
Aviation Advisor for Abu Dhabi Airport New Terminal and First UAE Female Aircraft Engineer
Hemang Vellore
TEDx speaker, Climate Advocate, YOUNGCEO educational platform Founder, Pit Crew Member of NASA Human Rover Exploration Challenge, and Awards Winner
Raheen Fatima
SDGs Youth Ambassador, Stand Up Comedian, Theater Actress, Interviewer, and International Speaker
Malak Trabelsi Loeb (PhD)
Entrepreneur, International Business Law & Space Law Senior Legal Associate, Futurist, Public Speaker, and Human Rights Advocate
Director, International Business Development at Carbice Corporation, Founder at Cosmica Space Consulting Ltd, Rocket Scientist, Space Educator, and Public Speaker
Shaba Shams
Entrepreneur, CEO of Shaba Enterprises, Influencer, Podcaster of "Shaba Speaks From the USA, and Education For All Advocate
Ksenija Cipek, Dame of Honour
International Tax Expert, Lawmaker, Project Leader at Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, Author, Lecturer, Board Advisor of European Network for Economic Cooperation and Development, and European Commission Project Member
Irom Chanu Sharmila
The "Iron Lady of Manipur", a Civil Rights Activist, Political Activist, Poet, Voted as The Top Woman Icon of India by MSN Poll, and Declared as a Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International
Ambassador Chigozie Fidelia Obi
Ambassador, Statesman, Career Diplomat, Governance and Leadership Consultant, and International Affairs Consultant
Vered Cohen-Barzilay
Social Entrepreneur, Women Rights Activist, Advocate For Aviation, Space, and Science Education, and Founder Director of "Out of the Box"
Jill Meyers
Aviation Consultant, Licensed Pilot, Aerospace Engineer, Air Force Veteran, STEM Advocate, and Public Speaker
Tiffany Harnsongkram
Founder of From Divorce to Destiny, Co-Founder of Legacy Mentors, and Advisory Board Member
Yulia Stark
International TEDx speaker, author, serial entrepreneur, founder of FAB academy, Senator for World Business Angel Investment Forum WBAF in Belgium, and President of European Women Association
Funmilayo Asaolu
Attorney, Mediator, and Presiding Judge at the Justice Court Reality TV Show
Thi Hien Nguyen
Social Impact Entrepreneur, SpaceconneX founder, UNOOSA Space For Women Mentor, and Futurist
Dr Haidi Badawi
Founder of Future STEAMpreneur, Inclusion and Disability Advocate, Leader, Public Speaker, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Board Director, and WomenH2H Ambassador
Chioma Chigozie-Okwum
CyberSecurity Researcher, University Lecturer, Director of ICT Spiritan University, and Founder Tech4all Global Services Ltd.
Dr Sarita Sharma
Academician, Author, Motivational Speaker, Senior Editor, and Advisory Board Member
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