Adam Ethan Loeb

Adam Ethan Loeb
Adam's Dream Founder, Multiplanetary Education For Kids Advocate, and Writer

Born on May 19, 2008, the Multiplanetary Futurist Adam Ethan Loeb is a Belgian National who lives in Dubai, UAE, with his parents. This futurist is interested in preparing his generation and the ones to come to become multiplanetary Species. With the mixed blood of Belgium, Tunisian, German, and Kazan-Tatar, he is pro-dedicated to making the world a better place. From his grades, he has been one of the best pupils at 6th-grade at Dubai Arab American (DAS) Private School and was an “A student.” Thanks to the surrounding multicultural environment, Adam had the opportunity to integrate values and ethics from around the world into his Belgium culture. Since a young age, Adam learned to use reasoning and questioning to seek solutions for every problem, thanks to his parents’ skills nurtured in his personality. This philosopher’s attribute makes him more curious, disinterested in somethings, and wonder about many things. Adam’s favorite activities vary from writing, reading, cooking, basketball, traveling, and playing strategic games and puzzles that stretch his imagination. Adam’s favorite disciplines are Mathematics, Geography, Pure Science, English literature, philosophy, and Computer Science. Most of his space dialogue is with the mother, a professional academic, and a Sustainable Space for Humanity advocate. Being someone with an open mind, Adam is ready to learn from all people of goodwill.



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