Dr Sarita Sharma

Dr Sarita Sharma
Academician, Author, Motivational Speaker, Senior Editor, and Advisory Board Member

Sarita Sharma is an academician, author, poet, translator, motivational speaker and mental health counsellor. She is passionately involved with women’s issues and works for the cause of gender equality. She is board member at the Trans Disciplinary Agora for Future Discussions. She is also the Coordinator/ Editor in Chief at TAFFD’s Magazine, USA. She has nine books to her credit in diverse range of genres. She moves around conducting workshops on Creative Writing. She also lectures extensively on Body Image, Life Skills, and Corporate Training (including mental health and soft skills). Sarita Sharma is also an academician and has published papers in various international journals. She has been actively mentoring students of various universities from many countries around the world. Her work, both in the creative and academic field, have earned her many international accolades and awards- Philosophiqua and Grand Productions Literary Award Canada, TAFFD’s Performer Award, ANESAS Literary Achievement Award, ANESAS Merit Award, Sewa Sadhana Merit Award- amongst others. Sarita Sharma believes in a world of equality where men made barriers, of caste, creed, gender, race, colour, do not exist. She believes in freedom from inequality and strives, each waking hour, for it.



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