Dr Suaad Alshamsi

Dr Suaad Alshamsi
Aviation Advisor for Abu Dhabi Airport New Terminal and First UAE Female Aircraft Engineer

Dr Suaad Alshamsi graduated with a DBA in aviation management from the American academy for specialized studies. She is holding an MBA from Coventry University in aviation management and a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering. Dr Suaad Alshamsi is holding a double bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Hertfordshire University along with a Bachelor’s degree in aviation management from Coventry University in the UK. Dr. Suaad was honored an honorary Doctorate for the role of women in leadership in aeronautical engineering from the American Academy of specialized studies in Egypt. She embarked on this journey in the aviation industry when she joined many leading companies involved in aviation as a part of her training in the aircraft engineering field, such as Messier Bugatti, Honeywell, Kunz, Airbus, and Boeing. She joined emirates airlines as the first aircraft engineer in UAE and been working in the maintenance field for more than ten years and continue her growth in aviation, and now she is working as a senior manager and technical advisor for one of the biggest aviation project in UAE [midfield terminal project] which is Abudhabi new airport with Etihad airways. She is an alumna of the Emirates Association in the UK, one of the members of IEEE, as well as one of the founders of the Woman in Aviation Organization Middle East chapter. She is also the chief executive officer of L2L [learn to live] consultation company. Dr Suaad Al Shamsi is the Ambassador of the International Union for Technical Education in the UAE. She was awarded many awards and appreciated throughout her journey as she has been privileged to be involved in the Dubai Recruitment exhibition; she has rewarded the Najm Gold award from Emirates Group as a role of Emarati Lady Engineer, beside her awarded of fast track award from Emirates airline, Emaratia Shield Privilege in Abu Dhabi and Creative Women in aviation engineering by Sheikha Fatima Bint Khalid Alqasimi. The latest award she received was the Oscars Accomplished Arabs and the Women Award for Arab creativity. She has been outstanding in representing the United Arab Emirates Female image in Shanghai Expo 2010 and a UAE representative in the jury member in the Star of Science Program. Her name included in creative women in UAE Wikipedia by her highness sheikha Shamsa, the spouse of his highness Sheikh Khalifa. She has been a speaker in many forums and conferences in UAE, the Gulf countries, and worldwide such as Woman in Aviation Conference in Dubai world trade Centre 2019, Powerful Woman in Egypt Opera in 2019, Woman in Aviation Industry Forum in Bahrain in 2018, Aviation Gathering Forum in Bahrain in 2018, Top of Her Game in Emirate Tower, Powerful Woman in Engineer in New York City in 2018, and many more. Besides the love of aviation, she loves reading and seeking knowledge. Dr Shamsa Alshamsi is a book author; she released her first book in 2016, the second in 2017, and two books in 2018.



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