Malak Trabelsi Loeb (PhD)

Malak Trabelsi Loeb (PhD)
Entrepreneur, International Business Law & Space Law Senior Legal Associate, Futurist, Public Speaker, and Human Rights Advocate

Malak Trabelsi Loeb is an entrepreneur, futurist, strategist, and senior legal associate specializing in International Business Law and International Space Law, Adjudicator, and International Commercial Arbitrator. Mrs. Loeb is a Lecturer in International Relations and Diplomacy, a multidisciplinary academic researcher, a writer and public speaker, and a Ph.D. Candidate in International Space Law. Mrs. Loeb is advocating for Sustainable Space For Humanity, addressing the complex Space socioeconomic and environmental interrelated dimensions. “Sustainable Space For Humanity” advocacy aims to keep the peaceful use of outer space while ensuring socioeconomic development for the present and future generations without deteriorating the outer space environment. She is also an International Advisory Council Member at the International Academy of Space Law and Middle East’s Ambassador for Women-IN-Space (WINS) Global Gender Equality Outreach Program, Member of the Advisory Board of the Lifeboat Foundation, Member of The Board of Advisors of SpaceConnex, and Honorable Board Member of the IJBST Journal Group. In the course of her professional journey, Mrs. Loeb has been advocating for employees’ rights. She is a human rights activist and strives to combat human trafficking and gender inequality. Mrs. Loeb has received the title of Champion of Tolerance from the UAE Ministry of Tolerance in 2018. She strives to empower women, provide opportunities to youth from around the world, and raise awareness to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You can reach Malak on LinkedIn



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