Raheen Fatima

Raheen Fatima
SDGs Youth Ambassador, Stand Up Comedian, Theater Actress, Interviewer, and International Speaker

Raheen Fatima is 13 yrs old, from Pakistan. I am SDGs Youth Ambassador, the youngest professional female stand-up comedian of Pakistan, a Theater Actress, Interviewer, and International Speaker. Raheen Fatima is an SDGs youth Ambassador at SDGs Academy Pakistan. She moderates panel discussions, creates videos, and spread awareness about SDGs to learn and help achieve the goals. She is a social entrepreneur and has a social startup related to the SDGs, particularly the SDG 5, SDG 11, and SDG 13. She is the youngest ever to be selected in the National Incubation Centre. Raheen Fatima is currently working with Two NGOs for the Women Entrepreneurship Development program. She is also the ambassador of a community-building game called MeWe, which is related to SDGs. Raheen Fatima is an International Children’s Month ambassador and panelist, where she moderates a youth panel discussion for the propagation of peace, Love, respect, and care for every child. Raheen Fatima was teaching English online with an American English teacher Carla Reichman. She is the youngest member of the Mindplore, a dialogue group of learned scholars. She conducts online interviews with national and international personalities, with over 200 interviews. She is proud to have interviewed NASA’s astronaut Amina Patil and the Robot Maria. As a stand-up comedian, She performed at many venues, including the Pakistan National Council of the Arts and National Incubation Centre. She is a theater actress, performed in various plays to shed light on social matters such as underage marriages, child abuse, gender equality, and other kids’ rights matters showcased at the Children’s Literature Festival. She has been awarded as the 25th under 25 years old woman to contribute to Art and society. Raheen Fatima is passionate about learning, networking, and empowering. She likes to explore new opportunities for co-creation for the betterment of humanity and the planet.



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