Severyna Jaunasse

Severyna Jaunasse
Self Love Expert, Founder Of "In The Heart of Woman", Feminine & Authentic Teacher, Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

Sev is a Self – love expert founder of the “In the heart of woman”, Author of two books “Never Give up and live the life of your dreams “, The power of the heart and feminine energy “in French. She passionately guides women to step into their own voice of presence by awakening their soul and feminine essence, bringing out their courage, authenticity, and power to be free to love. Born and raised in the South of Poland, during the Communistic period, Sev’s awareness of human suffering comes from a deep place of knowing. The struggles of abandonment, addictions, and poverty shaped her early life with the limited family around her. Her hero’s journey is a winding road from bouncing in and out of orphanages only to move to France to live with her father, whom she could not communicate with given language barriers. Traveling over 20 years of her life across three countries before reaching her beautiful state, she shares so freely. Her joy of being is overflowing, and her higher energy of feeling given her this power to help others heal. After a fulfilling career in communication and newspaper advertising’s sales company, she loved what she was doing but something missed in her life. In 2001 she found Tony Robbins’s book at the Paris airport “Awaken the giant within”. A few days later, after reading this, she had a breakthrough; the secret of living is giving. One day, she promised herself to meet that man to thank him for helping her find her smile again. Ten years later, she assisted at his first event UPW Rimini. After this magnificent journey, she found her deeper calling to serve others, heal, and come back to love. For the first time, she realized that her life story, which she was so ashamed of , was the most beautiful gift she had to offer to help others heal and wake up to the beauty of life. She decided to give back and help others to shine their own light. And to go further, she followed one intensive training without speaking English, with the best-known world experts. Her spiritual awakening and her authentic presence give her this natural power to feel people’s pain and help them raise their own energy to return to the joy of living in the now. Her purpose is impacting more women’s life in this world by helping them express their natural voice of presence from the heart: the first quality of leadership: transforming with grace, compassion, and a real passion for humanity. Many women are stressed, feel alone, overwhelmed; they asked themselves this question all the time: am I good enough? For some of them have a successful business, but they feel empty inside, something missed. Today she fiercely serves as Senior Leader for Tony Robbins Research Company and still rises every day. Her presence helps thousands of souls around the world to find their source of peace. Her love for children is infinite and her support to Window of Life, an orphanage in Uganda with 23 children, significantly impacts their education well-being and health issues.



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